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Southern & Midwestern States

The state of abortion care specifically, and reproductive health care generally in Southern and Midwestern states is dismal. Consider these statistics:

These statistics demonstrate the tremendous lack of access that women in the South and Midwest contend with on a daily basis. Not coincidentally, hostility to reproductive health care in these states is also dramatically higher than in other regions.

In 2011, 135 state level reproductive health related measures were passed in the US, an overwhelming majority of which placed increased restriction or total elimination of reproductive health care services, including abortion. 39 of these measures (29%) were enacted in the South, and 63 of these measures (47%) were enacted in the Midwest.

At Provide, we are committed to building the infrastructure to support abortion care, working around the lack of providers and restrictive legislation, and getting women the care they deserve despite the alarming disparities in access. To learn more about our work in Southern and Midwestern states, click here contact us.